Thursday, December 8, 2011

Men of Snow


Oh, one day, you will go away from this;
Oh, one day, you will know we're men of snow.
We melt;
One day

It's sad, but she's right. We're all going to disappear one day, but the first thoughts which went through my head were those of defiance. I am not a man of snow.

I accept that I'll be gone after several decades. I'll leave behind things that I have done and things I have created, while memories of things I've failed to do and things I've destroyed haunt those I've left behind. I embrace this fact. But one thing I don't want to do is to stand idly by while I melt away.

I want to be part of others around me, for them to be able to say that I have made a difference in their lives. It's not that I want to be remembered when I pass, it's that I want to be here when I haven't. I don't need to make a mark in history, or a statue in my likeness. I want to live. (But please, feel free to remember me for as long as you want.)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Crawling along

School year's off to a slow start. My mind is going crazy not doing anything. I've started doodling again, not much worth displaying though. I still have to design my mini-water stream I want for the backyard. My dad wants me to sketch something up for when we get rid of the deck, too. Might as well do it now until school picks up!

Friday, July 29, 2011


I smiled the whole way through. I laughed at some parts. Hearing your voice, listening to you, the whole notion of it; being on the phone with you makes me happy. I just have to say:

I'm in love with you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Speak up

Just an observation made during my overnights:

People sound the same when they talk through the drive-thru speaker. It's like people have voice presets. I imagine it this way:
Picture an individual's voice as a t-shirt. There's different cuts, styles, colors, designs, sizes, etc. If you take away all these embellishments, you're left with a piece of cloth. This is our voice preset a "voice base", if you will. Different mixtures cloths / materials represent different "bases". These presets are our voice with no intonation or accent or "stain" that we've picked up in our daily life.

Neat? I think so. Obviously my overnights got boring. Hell, I played hockey in the lobby for an hour on Tuesday.


Is a good word for how work was last night. I hate doing overnights, especially weekend overnights. I expected it to be busy, so I wasn't really stressing out in the beginning. By 4:30AM I started getting really pissed off, 'cause people were still coming and I needed to change to breakfast. I think it's a little ridiculous how people stay out so late. I barely got shit done and I'm damn tired. 1 down, three more to go.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hollerado Land

So the night was getting dirty, and I asked the Lord for mercy;
And He said, "Oh, so now, you wanna talk?"

Not what I had in mind He would say, but amusing nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I didn't have to, but I dove right in.
My goal? To know.
To let me be known.
They were fine just sitting there, or were they?
In a path never traveled, but would it be?
Now, they're out in the open.
Not safe, but sorry -- was it a matter of time?
No regrets.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand some blood just came out of my nose. This usually means a lack of sleep & being super tired. G'night!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've already talked about how my dad inspires me to try gardening a little. I know I have no patience or too much time for all those plants, though. I did have a grand idea in my mind: a little pond.

The neighbors said that there used to be a little water feature in the corner of the backyard a while back. The last owners of the house weren't big gardening people, so they took it out and covered up the old hole. "It would be nice to put a new one in," I thought. I told my dad I'd like to, but in the back of my mind it was something that would be done much later.

The opportunity arose, since summer break means more free time (PSN is down, too). I barely had plans in my head, but enough ideas were there. I tagged along with my dad to Home Depot, just to see what I can get. The biggest challenge was to find a basin shaped nicely that I can bury underground. They had a nice one, but I got distracted by something even better: a tarp / lining for ponds. Free-form time! I grabbed a pump and some tubes, too. With rocks and a Japanese lady feature in the backyard, I was good to go.

Digging was the first hard part. I needed to dig down pretty deep, and be able to keep the shape I want. It's harder than it sounds for a rookie like me. You wouldn't believe how many buckets I had to carry to the other side of the garden. And the little pond isn't even big! The Japanese lady had dirt stuck in her hole, so I had to poke it out. Stuck the tube in, sealed the tip with silicon to keep it in place, and ta-da! The second hard part was covering up the sides of the tarp. It wouldn't look too nice seeing black plastic sticking out the sides. My dad and I dug a little around the pond, and used some cobblestone-type bricks to surround it. We threw in a few real rocks around the sides to keep it looking more garden-y.

The pond is small, the shape isn't consistent, and the lady leaks a little. But the sight and sound of the water flowing out is sooooo worth it. Pics when I get the chance.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Two Door Cinema Club was a new band for me introduced by a friend. The moment I heard one of their songs, I fell in love. MJ recently heard them (without knowing that I have), and she recommended it, figuring it would be something I like. I didn't know she knew my music that well! I'm impressed. And just last night, Justin asks me the same thing. Oh the coincidence! My new band, I guess. They just released their album last year, so they have much room to grow. I'm looking forward to it, gentlemen.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Shadow's the only one that walks beside me.

I enjoy walking my doggy. Maybe it's because I do it rarely, that it's not that much of a chore. Maybe it's the stupid things we do when nobody else is around. Yeah, that's it!
  • I chase him.
  • He chases me.
  • We race.
  • I tell him to come and he'll randomly lie down in the middle of the sidewalk (rare).
  • ...I talk to Shadow.
This morning I was talking to him while zigzagging down the middle of my street only to find out a woman was watching from her car. She asked what kind of dog Shadow was. Then she asked the weirdest question. "Can I hug him?" I said "suuure," right away, since I'm used to people asking to pet him all the time. The lady looks at me in a weird way, then it hit me. She had said, "Can I have him?" I quickly came up with the lame excuses that she could since he's a little messy then we do our thing. Oh boy.